Make the most of your cash & avoid the scams

Beware stealth price rises

April 13, 2017
As you make a shopping list for the Easter supermarket shop this…

Prices are rising fast but official index misleads

March 21, 2017
Inflation is rising fast, but the Government and the supermarkets…

Unfair contract traps to be outlawed

March 4, 2017
Hidden traps in consumer contracts that cause us to pay out far…

Motor insurance set to rise

February 27, 2017
Motor insurance is set to rise again after another Government…

Banks help fraudsters but not customers

February 25, 2017
How is it that fraudsters are able to open multiple accounts…

The poor and old will still pay too much

February 7, 2017
The poor, the old and the vulnerable should beware.  Good intentions…

MMoney Fight Club is all about becoming a lean, mean, financial fighting machine.

We’re not just talking about how to save and budget, but revolutionising the way to think about and deal with money.

Understand the downright dubious techniques used by your opponents – your bank, your building society, supermarkets, insurers, energy suppliers, your mobile phone network, the company that supplies your broadband…

And fight back!

“Money Fight Club have been appearing on my show since the early days of Share Radio and I now have the absolute pleasure of picking their brains every Tuesday. A firm favourite of mine and of the listeners, it’s not hard to understand why.”

Georgie FrostHeadlinemoney Financial Broadcast Journalist of the Year 2016

“Two militants in the martial arts of money publish their manifesto for extracting better value from energy companies, financial service providers and every other firm that seeks to charge more for less. Anne Caborn and Lindsay Cook argue that complacency costs cash.”

Ian CowieSunday Times, Jan 19, 2014

“This isn’t about special offers, promotions or voucher codes. It’s about knowing how to complain properly – which can be just as lucrative. Having spent the last year resolving to complain more about poor service, I have to side with financial black belts Lindsay Cook and Anne Caborn – the fight really does pay off.”

Claer BarrettFinancial Times, Jan 20, 2014

“Money Fight Club reveals the secrets of saving money one punch at a time not from special offers, promotions or voucher codes but by knowing how to complain properly.”

Jeff RandallSky TV, Jan 21, 2014

“Money Fight Club got me thinking about how to be smarter with my money. They created a comfortable environment to tackle questions that are probably on a lot of people’s minds, but are too scared to ask.”

Workshop delegateVirgin Limited