Workshops & employee wellbeing

“No topic was too hard to answer and had a wealth of value for all employees whether they wanted to claim money back, invest more efficiently or learn about pensions. A great help to improving employees financial wellbeing”

Claire HallmeyWellbeing Manager, Nuffield Proactive Health

“Money Fight Club got me thinking about how to be smarter with my money. They created a comfortable environment to tackle questions that are probably on a lot of people’s minds, but are too scared to ask. They also made me realise that I need to negotiate more to make sure I’m getting the best deal, whether it be with mobile bills, credit cards or rental agreements.”

ClaudiaVirgin Limited

“Left feeling more positive about being able to save and owning my own home one day does actually seem possible.”

SarahVirgin Limited

Workshops include...

Pay day spending – putting the fun back

Research shows we tend to splurge when our salaries get paid and a few of us manage to get through a month’s cash in the first week. You work hard and you want to play hard but how do you do that without breaking the bank? Let our workshop show you how.

Line managing money worries

NICE quidelines on workplace health put increasing emphasis on the role of line managers and the need to spot causes of stress, including “financial worries”.

Our workshop aimed at those with line management responsibilities, explores how this might work in practice when it comes to this ultra-sensitive issue.

What keeps your talent awake at night?

Designed for younger workforces in fast paced industries as they grapple with – student loan repayments, credit cards, making the most of their credit profile…

Pensions – too young to worry, too old to care

Pension changes have profound implications for your workforce whatever their age. Designed to help them engage with pensions advice, make annuity decisions, take an interest in auto enrolment…

Workshops, seminars & breakfast sessions

Delivering money skills direct to your members or employees

Money Fight Club is an upbeat way of tackling what can seem a dry and dusty subject (in any other hands but ours).

We deliver tailored personal finance sessions as part of employee wellbeing programmes and one off workshops and presentations to a range of organisations and businesses.

Money Fight Club helps people make the most of their cash by understanding why they spend money the way they do and how to spot the selling techniques that are increasingly used by a whole range of financial institutions and other businesses to get us to part with our money and that result in poor buying decisions.

It’s a great way to engage audiences as part of workplace training, wellbeing programmes or in presentations at events and meetings.

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Finances & workplace stress

Money worries are a major contributor to workplace stress but are amongst the hardest to discuss openly. And the better the pay and conditions at work the harder it can be to admit that you’re not making ends meet, or relying too heavily on overdrafts and credit cards.

Employee wellbeing programmes

Workshops and wellbeing sessions around budgeting and how to make your income stretch further through shrewder money management and purchasing (including controlling those impulse treats at the end of the working week), are a powerful way of addressing the topic.

Financial wellbeing sessions

Money Fight Club breakfast sessions, lunchtime ‘bites’ and full and half day workshops address critical areas such as shopping and bill paying, home buying and forward planning for retirement, school and university fees and understanding the psychology of personal finance, but with a light and even humorous touch.

We can offer a rolling programme around key financial dates – such as the end of the tax year – or one off sessions. We can arrange off site venues, or deliver in-house.

“The aim is to give employeees valuable insights and practical tips that they can take away and use immediately to make beneficial changes, without having to reveal personal financial information or shortcomings,” says Anne.

Clients include...